Converting Fossil Fuels to Macaroni and Cheese

My stove uses not one but two types of fossil fuel.

My stove uses not one but two types of fossil fuel.

We have a gas stove and an electric oven. That is cool because you don’t have to wonder if the stove is lit but you can pretend to be all precise with the flame when you are making macaroni and cheese on the stove for your son.

Somehow we were talking about the gas stove and the electric oven and I decided it would be good to be science dad and explain energy conversion. I told my kids how gas was chemical energy that was converted to heat while our electricity came from burning coal which was chemical energy, converted to heat energy, converted to kinetic energy (steam turbine), converted to electricity, converted back to heat. It made me realize how really inefficient that whole process must be and also how boring science dad probably sounds. It’s okay though. I think my son learned something even though he finished all of my sentences with his own theories.

My daughter got a chance to say something smart like “we should just cook everything in acid.” I mentioned that acid might work for fish but not cake and then the macaroni was done. Now that I think about it my daughter was making the macaroni. I don’t know what I was doing.

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